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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secondary & Container Garden Update

Good morning!  It's a beautiful HOT spring day here in Sunny North Carolina!  It's already 72 degrees on its way to 88 today, well above our average high of 73 degrees.  Well, my freshly planted gardens will love it I'm sure.  I watered them all this morning.

I wanted to write a little update about what I'm calling my "secondary gardens."  In addition to my three raised bed gardens, I've got some other plans for plants scattered around my yard.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about how to build self-watering planters out of 5 gallon buckets.  Well, I now have plants in them!  Two cherry tomatoes (Burpee Super Sweet 100 Hybrid), two grape tomatoes (Jellybean Hybrid), and one Black Beauty Eggplant.  Not sure if I'm going to cage, stake, or string the tomatoes.  To be determined I guess!

Over in my side yard, I've planted a variety of things that I don't really care how well they do.  These areas get limited sunshine (5-7 hours) and the soil isn't so great, even after I amended it with a couple truckloads of compost blend garden soil.  I planted two large hills of pumpkin seeds (6 seeds each) and one hill of canteloupe (6 seeds).  This is also where I have some of the basil planted, and a bunch of Caladium bulbs.  Neither my canteloupe nor my pumpkins did very well last year but this year the canteloupe is in the ground in a sunnier location and the pumpkin was in a 12" square pot last year which is not suitable for pumpkins.  I think both will do better this year.

Also, in the 2'x8' raised bed that I grew the birdfeeder gourds in last year, I planted a couple of zucchini and a roma tomato.  This garden gets a decent amount of summer sun because it doesn't get shaded by the house in the late afternoon.

In order yard-related news, my Indian Hawthornes are blooming, the Catnip is looking great and starting to bloom, and the Frost Proof Gardenias survived the winter extremely well and are looking great.

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