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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Nasturtium a Day keeps the Rabbits Away....

I was doing some research the other day on a technique called "companion planting" - a method of choosing plants with qualities that benefit each other.  For example, you can plant basil near tomatoes to improve the growth and flavor of the toamatoes.  Geraniums and Catnip repel japanese beetles.  In fact, japanese beetles like to eat white geraniums but eating the foliage kills them!  I found this fantastic resource on all kinds of companion plants, I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyway, in the interests of garden beauty, I was looking at beneficial flowering plants when I came across Nasturtium.  I came across a great article all about growing Nasturtium, and it had the following information about the beneficial effects of this pretty flower:
Aside from being attractive and tasty, nasturtiums are both functional and beneficial. Having nasturtiums planted in strategic spots around your garden will keep rabbits, deer and other critters at bay. Who wouldn't welcome an organic, practical and attractive approach to keeping destructive critters away? They are also ideal companion plants because they will repel aphids, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, whiteflies and root knot nematodes. Plant them around tomatoes, radishes, cabbages, around fruit trees and around cucumbers.
I don't really have a problem with deer, as my gardens are inside a fenced yard.  However, I've seen plenty of rabbits.  At any rate, the article also says the Nasturtium is extremely easy to grow from seed, though I will probably just try to find some at the farmer's market.

I will definately have some Nasturtium and Geraniums in my garden!

EDIT:  Here is another article about Nasturtium as a "companion" plant:

EDIT #2:  Nasturtiums don't like hot weather, so I won't be planting any in my SUMMER garden... but I might throw some into my fall garden in September!


  1. Hey! Great stuff Rick. Our garden is going in this weekend. We just finished fertilizing 3 acres of grass and planting shrubs and trees, and summer bulbs. Still have a ton of lilies to divide, but we're working on it!

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  3. From "Nasturtiums are tasty flowers for rabbits to snack on. These are really beautiful flowers, coming in vibrant warm colors. The whole plant is safe for rabbit consumption, including flowers, leaves, stems and even seeds. These flowers are tasty enough that even humans might like them!"