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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tomato Update

Yesterday, I finished my support for the vertical tomatoes (Big Beef Hybrid and Early Girl Hybrid), pinched off some of the suckers, and got them on the string - they are now ready to go vertical!  I also sucked the bucket tomatoes though I haven't got them strung up yet.  The Topsy Turvy (which has a Roma tomato in I think) is also doing well.  Heck, they're all doing well!  Here are a few pictures:

Tomatoes on the completed string trellis - 2 Big Beef Hybrid and 3 Early Girl Hybrid, plus two bush style Celebrity tomates (small cages on the right).  This garden also has a couple bell peppers, eggplant, and various herbs and flowers.

Close up of the tomatoes on the string trellis

Bucket Tomatoes (Supersweet 100)

Topsy Turvy (Roma) tomato.  Leaves went back towards the sun after a day or two of being upside down.

 Zucchini Update

The zucchini is loving life right now. I planted the zucchini seedlings about 16 days ago after purchasing them at the Farmers Market.  These are "Black Beautiy" plants, which I don't know much about, but they're growing fast, take a look:

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