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Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to use diatomaceous earth to organically fight garden pests

Diatomaceous Earth, or "DE", is a naturally occuring material that, among other thins, is a fine organic method of garden pest control.  It's perfectly safe for other animals and humans, but insects that come in contact with it die. You can read more about it on wikipedia if you like, just do a google search.

Anyway, it's a powder and I wasn't sure the best way to apply.  I saw a video by Patty Moreno (Garden  Girl TV) and she had a fancy hand-cranked crop duster.  Now, I don't have anything like that but I didn't feel like using my hands would truly do it justice.

So, get yourself a plastic water bottle with a screw on cap (not a fancy reusable water bottle, just a regular old bottle of water).  Make sure the bottle is dry.  Drill a couple of very small holes in the cap.  Use a funnel or something to fill the bottle with diatomaceous earth, not more than 3/4 full.  Screw on the cap, and then holding the bottle sideways, squeeze it repeatedly to "puff out" the dust.

Here's a video!

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