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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More spring planting

I don't have any pictures this time but I did feel like writing something about gardening and what's been going on lately in my garden.

I planted some zucchini seeds about 10 days ago and they haven't come up yet.  I wonder if the seeds "expired" while sitting in my shed since last spring.   At this point I'll probably just buy some seedlings at the farmers market.

Speaking of the Farmer's Market, I did make a couple trips there this past weekend.  Saturday, I purchased and then planted two varieties of cucumbers for my garden trellis - one side of the arched walkway trellis will be Straight 8 slicing cucumbers, which have always been my favorite variety.  The other side will be some variety of pickling cucumbers. Mom said she had plenty of relish still so I'll probably try to make some pickles with my harvest.

Sunday, I bought some more herbs - Pineapple Sage, Orange Thyme, and Greek Oregano.  The Pineapple Sage is a fast growing and fairly large plant that smells wonderful and has beautiful red flowers.  I don't really use sage, so I'm actually just growing this one like a flower.  The orange thyme also smells wonderful and will look cool in my sidewalk herb garden.  The sidewalk garden (called that because it's right next to the sidewalk in the front yard) also has lemon thyme, creeping thyme, garlic chives, onion chives, rosemary, and one of the new pineapple sage plants.  Most of these are actually cold hardy perreniels that I planted last year.

This weekend, if I have time, it's time to get some peppers in the ground.  I'm planning to reduce my varieties and grow only Jalapeno, Habanero, and Bell Peppers this year.  I may also plant some corn, because corn is cool.

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  1. Thank you for that valuable insight into gardening. I have been trying to develop a green thumb and your blog is helpful in that regard.