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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Weekend Out in the Garden

Following a brief trip to the state farmer's market Saturday morning, and a few hours volunteering at the community garden, I spent most of the rest of my weekend out in the yard, planting stuff!  Rather than write all about it, I'll just post some captioned pictures...

Zucchini, dill, and lime basil on the left.  Cucumber seeds planted below the trellis on the right, along with some empty space.  Celebrity tomato in the pot.

Bunching green onions, yellow onions, romaine lettuce, one cabbage plant (Early jersey), and two newly purchased "Better Bush" tomatoes.

Peas with lots of blooms!  Hope they finish up soon as I need this space!

On the left, small fruited ornamental gourds, parsley, some "Big Smile" sunflowers, and a Champion pumpkin.  On the right, straight 8 cucumber seedlings, zucchini seedlings, and a catnip plant.

Added more wall here and filled it in with good compost blend garden soil.  Along the front edge, I planted creeping thyme and onion chives, with a row of Zinnie's behind that.  Along the right, 2 rows of Big Smile dwarf sunflowers.  Might put some kind of trellis in empty space there and plant a climbing rose.

I also built four more pickle bucket planters, two of which now contain pumpkin vines.  I will probably have pumpkins in August, as I've planted them too early :)

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