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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is in the Air

So, I haven't blogged recently because I've had relatively little to report.  My seedling process is going fairly well, although the creeping thyme and foxgloves are going VERY slowly.  I got my peppers and eggplant started about 2 weeks ago, and last Thursday, I started a tray of various herbs.  The foxgloves and creeping thyme are in a sunny window now while the other two are still here at my desk under the lights.

I did buy a couple of seedlings at the Farmers market this weekend - I planted three "Early Jersey" cauliflower, three "Packman" broccoli, and four cabbage whose variety I don't remember off the top of my head.  The cauliflower is actually planted in my self watering bucket planters, while the cabbage and broccoli is in one of the raised beds.

I also found what I think might be fire ants in one of my gardens.  Going to have to figure out how to deal with them without using nasty stuff like Amdro.

My daughter helped me plant a strawberry patch as well.  The farmer's market didn't have strawberry plants due to renovations limited the number of vendors there, so I ended up getting 8 plants at Home Depot.  I picked them clean of flowers and fruits and we put them in the ground and mulched them.  I'm gladd too, because the weather is looking gorgeous this week!  Sunny and 72 is the coldest day in the 10 day forecast, the strawberries should love that!

The lettuce and spinach is coming along nicely, as well as the onions and garden peas.  No sign of the carrots yet.  I'm starting to wonder.

Friday I am scheduled to get my tomatoes, basil, and pole beans started.

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