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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Additional Seeds Ordered

Amish Paste Tomato
I was looking at my tomato varieties and I noticed that the Juliet and Olivade tomatoes, which I purchased for "sauce making" are rather small.  In fact, the Juliet's are "grape" tomatoes weighing at only about 1oz each.  The Olivade apparently are 3-4oz each, which should be more tolerable for making sauce.  I may or may not grow the Juliet variety, as I've already got "Sun Gold" for my small tomatoes.  I have purchased a packet of "Amish Paste" heirloom tomato, which are supposed to be 8-12oz each and very meaty.  I could make a batch of sauce with only 4-5 of these!  The less peeling I have to do, the better!

In addition to the new tomatoes, I also ordered packets of the following:

  • Mexican Mint Marigold - an herb that can be substituted for French Tarragon, but I'm planting it for its insect repellant properties.  It allegedly repels aphids.  And it's pretty!
  • Big Smile Dwarf Sunflower - Adrienne doesn't like sunflowers.  I don't care.  These are short (12-24") so they shouldn't be too obnoxious.
  • Champion Pumpkin - large pumpkins.  I may not have space to grow this but I'm gonna try!!
  • Morning Glory - Flying Saucers Mix - a vigorous vine to clime up on my bench.
  • Cardinal Climber - another vigorous vine for the bench.

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